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"My involvement in art has come as naturally as breathing--I could not have done anything else. It is all a matter of seduction, as most things in life are. Inspiration grows out of doing the actual w



Siesta-Sleeping Lady
by Judith Bledsoe
Judith Bledsoe (1928 - 2013)
Judith Bledsoe, A Gaggle of Geese
A Gaggle of Geese
Hand Pulled Lithograph
by Judith Bledsoe
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Work Surface: Paper Paper Size: 23.0 x 11.5 Certificate: Yes
Subject: Geese Signed: Yes Condition: Pristine

Judith Bledsoe embodies the romantic artist's life most people experience only in dreams. From her earliest days, Bledsoe was a seeker, yearning to live intensely in a suitable environment for a burgeoning creative soul. Suffused with the glow of everyday happiness, works by the artist transcend our traditional notions of daily living--they offer hope, spontaneity and limitless potential. "A Gaggle of Geese" is just one example from her portfolio entitled, "An Exaltation of Beasts." GALLERY M represents many other works by Bledsoe as well. Collect by calling 1.877.331.8401 or request more information online today.
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