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"I paint the spirit of the land that has welcomed me so warmly and openly!" Palla Jeroff


Notable Awards: First Prize, China National Watercolour Exhibition

Achievements: 1987 Exhibition - Hong Kong Art Centre Permanent Collection, National Collection of China


Wild Rage
by Palla Jeroff

Palla Jeroff (1957 - )

Partners (Diptych)
by Palla Jeroff

Summer's Night
by Palla Jeroff

Coin Toss
by Palla Jeroff

Born at the border of Russia and China, Palla Jeroff emigrated to Australia almost two decades ago to take advantage of the freedom of the land and its spirit. His talent allows him to express this feeling through oils, acrylics and watercolors.

Mr. Jeroff studied for seven years to perfect his understanding of style, technique, and inspiration. In 1982 his work was represented in exhibitions in Germany, United States and France. In 1985 he had a one-man watercolor show at Xinjiang University in China; in 1987 his oil paintings were exhibited at the Hong Kong Art Centre. During this time period he won a First Prize in the China National Watercolour Exhibition. He is now represented in the National Collection of China.

From this, Mr. Jeroff has gained wide recognition. He has received a number of private commissions from patrons desiring his work for their own collections.

Palla's Expressionist paintings capture the spirit of the Australian scenery and its people in an unique, authentic way. They have won world-wide acclaim for successfully portraying the Australian culture. He captures the spirit of the people and the land. Mr. Jeroff's passion is painting. He tries to imbue others with this deep seated vision by continuing to teach young artists.

GALLERY M exclusively represents the work of Palla Jeroff in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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